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business insurance

  • Business insurance

    Nalawade Insurance Consultants offer a unique “Keyman Insurance” which is the best way to protect your company from sudden financial losses due to the death or disability of a key resource in the company. The insured amount is linked to the profitability of the company rather than the key person’s own income. Key person insurance allows you to cover risks and losses in such an eventuality. The company pays for the insurance and business owner benefits from the life cover provided by the policy.

Child Health Insurance


    With LIC's Child Plan your child’s education is no longer restricted to school and college but will extend way beyond to honing his or her skills in other areas like music, sports, arts, technology and more. You need a Child Education Plan to ensure your smart kid has all the financial help he or she needs in the future. As a parent, you have already extrapolated the costs for the coming years but are you really prepared for the rising expenses and have you planned for uncertainties? LIC's Child Education Plan helps you plan, invest and cover financial risks in the years to come so that your child’s future is safeguarded against uncertainties of life. You want your child to be taken care of even when you are not able to do so or you are not around to do so.

General Insurance

  • Couple insurance

    Couples health insurance plan essentially covers two people unlike single life insurance which covers one person. Couples insurance policy is suitable for married couples, long term unmarried couple or even business partners. If either of the insured persons passes away, the policy ends and the final payout is made.

  • Term Insurance

    Term Insurance is a form a life cover which provides coverage for a specified period. In the event of the policy holder passing away during the term of the policy the nominee gets the death benefit as a lump sum amount. Term insurance plans are popular due to low premium, flexibility of buying one online or offline, provide financial security, low claim rejections and no brokerage. LIC of India Offers Jeevan Anmol and Jeevan Amulya plans under Term Insurance.

Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance

    Fortunately there is a way to ensure you are ready for any medical emergencies and even accidents by investing in health insurance plans for your family and yourself. Group Health insurance plan is basically a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual’s medical expenses. Health insurance plans in india offer insurance against unexpected medical emergencies as well as planned medical procedures by providing optimal health coverage such as hospitalization, accident, sickness and pre/post hospitalization expenses, day care procedures besides few more.

NRI Services

  • NRI Insurance

    Term Insurance for NRI in India. LIC of India has been the preferred insurance company in India for over three decades. However, even if you are not in India, you can still invest in LIC plans. You can get more information about this on LIC's Official Website: Nalawade Insurance Consultants services 250 plus families across 4 continents. We do this by using technology and conducting personal visits to the country for one to one discussions. We work exclusively for NRIs and Foreign Nationals of Indian Origin so that they get all the benefits of plans available in India. Our commitment is we take care of complete paperwork, all formalities from Signing to Settlement.

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Insurance

    LIC Pension plan helps you to systematically map your future needs while you are working today so that you can maintain the lifestyle you enjoy in the later years. With LIC Pension plan, you get a regular income through an annuity plan after you retire. This way you also ensure a financially independent life for your spouse in your absence, you automatically create a fund to cover the ever-rising health care costs in the future and indulge in all the things you have dreamt of doing during your retirement.

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