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  • Hydrogen Electrolyser

    The electrolyser is a device that generates hydrogen and oxygen from the water through the application of electricity. It consists series of porous graphite plates through which water flows while a low voltage direct current is applied. An electrolyser stack consists of several cells linked in series. These cells are of two types namely monopolar and bipolar cells. In the monopolar design, the electrodes are either negative or positive with the parallel electrical connection of the individual cells (Fig.A), while in the bipolar design the individual cells are linked in series electrically and geometrically (Fig.B).and it is the most preferred option for hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturers. One advantage of the bipolar cell design is that they are more compact than monopolar systems which give shorter current paths in the electrical wires and electrodes. This reduces the losses due to the internal ohmic resistance of the electrolyte and therefore increases the electrolyser efficiency. BRISE Chemicals is hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturers India listed companies

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